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The closing dates are near and that important signed document must reach its destination within a time frame which you don’t expect even the fastest cargo flight can deliver in. The authorities have leaned in so much that they have agreed on at least a signed hard copy send via the fastest medium. E mails are sure short the fastest, but something else can go a leap further. Yes, we are talking about fax or ‘facsimile’, which is a technology or a boon to the personals and industrialists alike, giving them real-time printed copies of documents send from a remote location.

 The faxing machine and its technology

Faxing technology involves the scanning of document by a fax machine, the processing of the contents and conversion into a bitmap, and then transmission through the telephone system in the form of audio-frequency tones. The fax machine at the receiving end interprets these tones to reconstruct the image and print through and output device like printer. Faxing machines require a landline connection, internet access and an output device. These machines have come a long way from their start in 1843 and were replaced by remotely hosted fax-server services and then by internet fax and now by virtual fax machines.

Though faxing is a dedicated technology for sending important documents on time, there are certain serious considerations to be taken while using fax machines. Fax is still not a regular household technology gadget and many depend on shops/ internet cafes to send a fax. Nor are the fax machines portable, which makes faxing to be pre-planned to a large extent because of their stationary availability.  Security is another issue. The documents you send through fax in public domain like shops or workplaces may contain personal information or high profile official/government data. This gives room for dangerous security breaches as efficient protection software may not be available in many cases. The dependence on an external agent for regular faxing is also quite expensive.

Smart technology at rescue

When technology has gone beyond artificial intelligence and has reached even quantum computing, mind uploading (sending information to computer directly from human brain) and life extension (anti-ageing) technology, solving these limitations may be a trivial advancement. The requirements are simple for a virtual fax machine, a good internet connection and a smart phone.

The present population is more mobile, extra-occupied and for them quick and convenient means ‘in seconds’ and ‘at fingertip’. What is more portable and convenient than a mobile… or to be exact, the smart phone? It is as if the babies in the current generation are born as inherent geeks.  Among the zillion smart phone apps available, our point of discussion is the fax app. The faxing giants are already on the move, offering many advanced faxing apps, competing with each other to add that extra cutting edge technology which makes them stand out in the eyes of faxing geeks. These apps have noteworthy advantages like:


  • Anytime use irrespective of location, like an e mail.
  • Compatibility with any type of file like PDF or even mobile or scanned images.
  • Apps give enhanced security and inbuilt protection features for sending personal information.
  • For occasional users, apps give a first few free pages.
  • For regular users, a variety of up gradation packs is available.
  • Apps custom-made for handset models or brands like iPhone, android, windows, mac etc are also available on Appstores.
  • With smartphones, you can even edit or modify documents and images before faxing.
  • There are fax apps which enable you to send or receive files on a cloud sharing platform.

Faxing has evolved to become a total communication tool with its cloud-based system and ability to send through very large files like softwares. You can not only fax, but can also save and quickly search previous fax messages received a long while before and keep them in archive. Printing is not at all a big deal when you have wireless connections like Bluetooth. All faxing facilities just a few taps away and you do not need wiring connections or long waits to synchronize your faxing communications.

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